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Welcome to the YMHM Canada

Getting Loud About What Really Matters Most

In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental illness or substance abuse problem. Not everyone is able to access resources for help nor get the help they need if they can access these resources. 

An estimated 75% of youth with a mental health disorder are not able to access specialized treatment services and only about half of Canadians experiencing a major depressive episode (depression) have the opportunity to receive potentially adequate care for it.

About Us

Across the modern world, the mental health of youth is at a tipping point and is in a crisis. As countries and cities continue to improve all other aspects of life for people why is it that the youth, the generation of tomorrow, is not being taken care of as much? Without looking after the youth and their mental health today, think of the implications that it will have on us tomorrow. Even though there are resources for the youth across the city to access, both in most schools and out, there is a lack of education about mental health and a lot of stigmas. Stigma that we work to break down.

The YMHM Canada was founded in May of 2020 and works to raise public awareness around mental health disorders and challenges in accessing services and help for youth while working to push our governments to do more for the mental health of youth.


City Council Candidate Surveys

See what your candidates are going to do to improve your mental health.

Recommendation Report for a New Suicide Prevention Strategy for Hamilton

View our report for a new suicide prevention strategy for Hamilton and why we need to act now to help put an end to suicide for all.

Join Our Governing Committee

We are accepting new members to join our Governing Committee. If you are passionate about the mental health of youth and want to be part of the change to do more, click below for more information and to apply now!

If we don't act now on youth mental health, suicide prevention, providing services, and ending the stigma, think of the impacts on tomorrow

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